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29-07-2022 - Invitation and materials for a GSM

Company: Vipom AD-Vidin (VPOM)
Vipom AD appointed an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 02 September 2022 at 10:00 am in the town of Vidin at 9 Tsar Ivan Asen II St. under the following agenda:
- Adoption of a decision for the buyback of shares of the capital of the company according to Art. 187b of the Commerce Act and in compliance with Art. 111 of the POSA under the following terms and conditions:
1) Maximum number of shares to be redeemed: Up to 3% of the equity capital of the company per calendar year and 10% maximum of the equity capital in the course of the redemption procedure
2) Redemption period: Within five (5) years by authorising the Board of Directors to set the specific start and end dates
3) Minimum price per share: BGN 7.50
4) Maximum price per share: BGN 15
5) Authorisation of the Board of Directors to determine the investment intermediary in charge of the buyback procedure and all other specific parameters of the buyback procedure, as well as to take the necessary legal and factual steps for the implementation of the above decision
6) Authorisation of the Board of Directors to dispose of the company's purchased own shares
- In the absence of a quorum, the EGM will be held on 16 September 2022 at 10:00 am, at the same place and under the same agenda.
The voting right will be entitled to all shareholders registered with the central securities register fourteen (14) days before the EGM, i.e. by 19 August 2022 (Record Date).
The final date for transacting shares of this company on the Exchange, as a result of which the holders will be entitled to exercise their voting right at the EGM, will be 17 August 2022 (Ex Date: 18 August 2022).
The invitation is available on the website of the Exchange.