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30-06-2020 - Notification for a capital increase with rights

Company: Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe (CODA)
BSE was informed of a decision of the Board of Directors of the management company Concord Asset Management AD for an increase in capital of Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe adopted on 29 June 2020 from BGN 9,670,000 to BGN 56,859,600 (i.e. by BGN 47,189,600) through the issuance of a new issue of units according to the POSA.
The increase in capital will take place through a public offering of 3,868,000 newly issued units of the same class as the existing ones, namely dematerialised, registered, non-preferred, voting and entitling the holder to a dividend and liquidating dividend.
Nominal value per unit: BGN 10
Issuing value per unit: BGN 12.20
The capital will be increased provided at least 3,000,000 new units will be subscribed and paid, representing BGN 36,600,000.
One right will enable the holder to subscribe to four new units at BGN 12.20 issue price per unit.
For the public offering of the new issue of units of the capital increase of Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe, the management company Concord Asset Management AD will publish a prospectus in pursuance of the POSA and its implementing acts, after it is approved by the Financial Supervision Commission.
The investment intermediary authorised to administer the capital increase is ABC Finance AD.
In compliance with Art. 112b (2) of the POSA, the right to participate in the capital increase will be entitled to all persons who have acquired units not later than seven (7) days following the date of publication of the public offering notice in pursuance of Art. 92a (1) of the POSA.